Free Paid Search Audit

Google Ads is undoubtedly a complex platform, any changes made to the account can have an impact on performance and ultimately your business. A PPC audit is an ideal way to analyse all elements of the campaign, highlighting any issues which may be having a detrimental impact.


I start with an initial consultation, usually by phone, to understand more about your business, your goals and objectives. I then use this information to produce an audit of your paid search campaigns, giving clear and honest advice.

Audit Process

My audit covers account structure, target keywords, ad creative and extensions, quality scores, use of partner networks, bids and bid strategies, tracking setup, location targeting and account settings.

Other Platforms

Although the main focus of the audit will be Google Ads, I can also review other platforms such as Bing, Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like to discuss in more detail please contact me.

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